Crossover course

framing course


Practical training course


Shoufu from Paper Nao


The course takes place in small groups.


hang up pictures


The practical courses are ideal for gallery owners, collectors and artists. 


Suspended mounting of the picture


Professional and value-preserving framing.


Graphic is fixed on cardboard distance


You will expand your practical skills and techniques.



Various types of framing  


Kurs - Einrahmen
Japanese paper


- Reversible fixing with Shoufu from Paper Nao

- Hinges made of Japanese paper are used to fix the graphics

- Mounting on the backing board.

- Breaking the glass edges and rounding off the corners.

- Masking of glass, spacer frame and backing board. 

- Inserting and fixing in the picture frame. 

- Masking the framing. 

- Mounting the hangers.


Custom-made spacer strips made of museum board
Custom-made spacer strips made of museum board
Picture will be fixed with distance cardboard on carrier

Course 1;   Refreshing picture framing

Course 2;   Window mat

Course 3;   Float mounting